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ecoCERA Wax - Transparent - CEB-W

ecoCERA Wax - Transparent - CEB-W


Water based wax for CEBOART products.

General Features:

Natural water-based solvent free cream for interior and exterior use, made with hot emulsified bleached beeswax and Marseilles soap. It is used to even and increase the natural brilliance or gloss of the CEBOART line of products: smooth to the touch, water resistant and non yellowing.


Glossy and transparent.


For interior and exterior use on Venetian plaster surfaces. Application to Marmorino surfaces may cause a white haze to appear.


Mix product carefully. If it is dense, heat it or dilute it with 3% hot water until it reaches the liquid state.

Application Procedure & Recommendations:

Application: Apply with a synthetic sponge and when dry polish by hand with a wool cloth.
Removal: Sand the surface until it looses its shine.


Theoretical yield: 30 sq. m per liter