Vivaldi® Lixia - Wax

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Vivaldi® Lixia - Wax - LC-LIX1

Vivaldi® Lixia - Wax - LC-LIX1

La Calce Del Brenta® Lixia - Wax

Wax for "Stucky" Venetian Plaster

General Features:

Water based liquid wax protecting Venetian Plasters and enhancing the glossy sheen.




Decorative wax for protecting and enhancing Venetian plasters.

Substrate Preparation:

Venetian Plaster: see application procedures.

Application Procedure & Recommendations:

Working a small area, apply a small amount of wax using a clean rag or car wax applicator to your Venetian plaster surface.
Next, using a clean soft cloth, buff the surface before the wax dries completely. Application of consecutive coats will increase the surface sheen.

Color Range:



Steel can with screw off pour top.
1 liter.