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Venetian Plaster - Rasatura - Verde

Venetian Plaster - Rasatura - Verde

La Calce Del Brenta®
Rasatura - Venetian Plaster

Decorative lime-based “Stucco Antico” Finish for interiors and exteriors.

General Features:

Rasatura is a lime based decorative finish


Glossy smooth surface - Extra Fine.


Decorative interior finishing coat.

Substrate Preparation:

The substrate must be perfectly dry, dust-free, with no humidity and salts stains. Seal the substrate with an oil based primer or manufacturer recommended equivalent.

Application Procedure & Recommendations:

Base Coat: Apply a coat of Marmorino, let dry then lightly sand surface then dust off residual material. This base coat will provide a surface with adequate tooth and ensure even an suction of the finish coat.

Finish Coats: Using an Inox trowel, apply consecutive coats of Stucky wet on wet.

Polishing: Ensure your Inox trowels blade is newly polished and free of any imperfections. Polish the final coat of Stucky with a clean Inox blade before the material is completely dry.


Between (0.7 to 0.8 kg/m2)

Color Range:

  • White
  • Bianco Rosato
  • Giallo
  • Giallo Solare
  • Rosa
  • Rosa Corallo
  • Rosso
  • Verde