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Acrilak - Transparent - NVC-ACR

Acrilak - Transparent - NVC-ACR


Water based Acrylic clear sealer for interiors and exterior.
Ideal priming coat for synthetic plasters and paints.

General Features:

Acrilak and Acricolor are water based sealers formulated with special acrylic unsaponifiable copolymers, which well react to direct contact with the high alkalinity rate of new plasters. They have a high penetration and isolation power and do not alter in any way the permeability rate of the substrate. They may therefore be recommended as ideal priming coat for all sorts of "synthetic" range of products.




New or preexisting plasters, reinforced concrete, plasterboard, old, consistent paints, etc., i.e. prior to the application of any non mineral plaster or paint.


Acrilak: (12 to 20m2 per lt.) or (123 to 206 ft2 per lt.), depending on substrate absorption.
Acricolor: (8 to 12m2 per lt.) or (81 to 122ft2 per lt.)depending on substrate absorption

Specific Weight:

Acrilak: 0,870 kg per dmc.
Acricolor: 1,438 kg per dmc.

Packaging & Shelf Life:

Acrilak: 1-5-10 and 20lt pails.
Acricolor: 15lt pails.
The packaged products, if stored at temperatures between +5 and 35°C, are guaranteed for 12 months.


Dispose of the empty packaging and remaining material in compliance with local laws.


Application of a proper priming coat, after adequate substrate preparation, i.e. Acrilak water based acrylic clear sealer (or Acricolor, water based acrylic pigmented sealer) manufactured by NOVACOLOR, Forlì, and diluted following the manufacturer's instructions, paying attention not to leave any glossy reflections on the substrate. Brush application is recommended. Roller or spray gun are possible too, always working from the top to bottom.