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Lattedicalce - Glaze - Transparent - NVC-LA-T

Lattedicalce - Glaze - Transparent - NVC-LA-T

Fase Silossanica & Lattedicalce

Fase Silossanica - Water based, liquid, silozane base, to be mixed with Antiche Patine or pigment for decoration works, stains and patinas over non-mineral or synthetic substrates.

Lattedicalce - Water-based, liquid, mineral base, to be mixed with Antiche Patine or pigment for stain and patinas effects, over all sorts of mineral lime substrates.

General Features:

Antiche Patine or pigment mixed with Lattedicalce or Fase Silossanica originate transparent chromatic shades, typical of our Renaissance craftsmen's tradition. This system makes now two different bases available, which must be carefully mixed and tinted with Antiche Patine or pigment, in order to achieve decorative and coloring shades over almost every kind of substrate, for interior and exterior applications. The product obtained blending Antiche Patine or pigment with Lattedicalce or Fase silossanica shall be diluted with minimum 100% of clean water, in order to achieve the final tone of color. Antiche Patine or pigment may be compared to a "water coloring technique", where it's always possible to read through the colors applied on each layer.


Transparent, matt colors.


  • Finishing coat of exterior facades in historical town and country settings, in respect of the historical heritage of the surrounding environment.
  • Patinas and stain works over new or preexisting substrates.
  • Finishing coat of exterior non-mineral facades, where highly prestigious aesthetic effects are actually required.
  • Interior decorations.

Substrate Preparation:

The substrate must be perfectly dry and sound, dust-free, with no humidity nor salt stains.

  • New substrates: apply Antiche Patine or pigment, previously blended with Lattedicalce or Fase silossanica and mixed with water. No intermediate treatment required.
  • Preexisting substrates: Clean the wall with an adequate tool or high-pressure washing.

Chalking and dusty substrates must be thoroughly brushed off and sealed with a proper siloxane primer, type Isosil. For water dilution rate and application procedure refer to the technical data sheet.

Application Procedure & Recommendations:

Mix Antiche Patine or pigment either with Lattedicalce or Fase silossanica, depending on the nature of the substrate. Minimum dilution rate: each 2,5lt of base must be blended with 0,500lt of Antiche Patine or pigment. Therefore, cut this mixture of base and pigments with minimum 100% of water, so as to achieve the shade of color required.

Apply with a brush, rag, natural sponge, spraying or whatever close to local tradition, usually in two coats. A one coat application might produce unpleasant aesthetic effects. Each coat will make the color increasingly darker. In order to achieve tints obtained by mixing "primary" colors together, it is recommended to apply different layers of colors, instead of one single coat of different colors mixed together. The final effect will be much more prestigious and valuable.

The "Fresco Technique" is obtained applying the pure pigment (therefore Antiche Patine or pigment unblended) diluted 1:10 with water directly over Marmur lime plaster or Cocciopesto intonachino, or Era lime paint, or eventually Era Veneziana lime glossy Stucco finish, immediately after their application (therefore when they are still wet). The pigment will build up a "sole body" with the lime, while this gets hard and dries out completely.

Do not work in direct sunlight. Do not apply with rainy weather or with air or substrate temperature below 5° C. Protect the facades from rain, at least along the first 48 hours.


Over 10m2/lt, depending on substrate absorption rate and color required.

Specific Weight:

  • Antiche Patine or pigment: 1,162 kg per dmc.
  • LATTEDICALCE: 1,084 kg per dmc.
  • FASESILOSSANICA: 1,015 kg per dmc

Color Range:

As per folder "Antiche Patine or pigment"

Packaging & Shelf Life:

Antiche Patine or pigment: 0,500lt. Lattedicalce and Fase silossanica: 2,5lt. The packaged product, if stored at temperatures between +5 and 35°C, is guaranteed for 12 months.


Dispose of the empty packaging and remaining material in compliance with local laws.


Coloring (or staining or sponging or patina application) of exterior substrates (or interior walls) previously decorated with mineral paints and plaster coats (or synthetic ones) with transparent earths and oxides Antiche Patine or pigment, manufactured by Novacolor, Forlì. The product will be applied with a brush (or a rag, or a sponge or sprayed, ..) in no less than two coats, following the manufacturer's instruction. Antiche Patine or pigment shall be previously mixed with either Lattedicalce (for applications over mineral substrates) or Fase silossanica (for applications over synthetic substrates), and afterwards diluted with minimum 100% of water, until the requested tone of color has been reached. Exclusive of scaffolding, inclusive of flooring, frames and plant protection.

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