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Cera Wax - Gold - NVC-CW-G

Cera Wax - Gold - NVC-CW-G

Cera Wax
for Venetian & Marmorino Plasters

Synthetic paste for water protection and polishing.

General Features:

CERA has been specifically formulated in order to give a high sheen to all surfaces bearing a lime Stucco finish and to protect them against water. Therefore CERA may be easily applied over Venetian Plasters as well as all sorts of polished Marmorino finishes, such as MARMUR FINE. CERA contains synthetic waxes with a high melting point. It's solvent-free and contains cellulosic and rheologic modifiers. CERA therefore causes no allergic reactions. One single coat, fairly easy to apply, guarantees usually for good results.


Glossy texture.


CERA is usually applied as a protective top coat over Venetian Plaster finishes. It therefore increases the glossy degree and water resistance of the final coat. From this comes its major application inside kitchens and bathrooms.

Substrate Preparation:

The surface must be perfectly dry, sound, dust free, with no humidity nor salt stains.

Application Procedure & Recommendations:

CERA is usually applied with a soft cotton rag, dipped in the product which requires no water dilution. When the surface is dry, polish it with a clean rag, until it becomes completely glossy and tacking-free.


30/40m2 per lifter.

Physical Properties:

Specific weight: 0,9kg/dm3. Viscosity: from 1700 to 1900 cps (Brookfield standard). Dry content at 105°C: 17% ± 2%. pH: 8-8,5.

Color Range:

Transparent, Gold or Silver.

Packaging and Shelf Life:

Packaged in 0,750 lt and 2,5 lt tins. The packaged product, if stored at temperatures between +5 and 35°C, is guaranteed for 12 months.


Dispose of the empty packaging and remaining material in compliance with local laws. CERA contains no dangerous substances; in case of direct eye contact wash out immediately eye and skin with plenty of fresh water for 15 minutes. Should any kind of irritation occur, seek medical treatment. Skin must be washed out with soap and water. Ingestion: Immediately seek medical treatment.


Protective top coat for lime Stucco Antico and "Marmorino" finishes consisting of one coat of a synthetic transparent wax, type CERA manufactured by Novacolor, Forlì. The product shall be applied with a soft cotton rag, dipped in the tin of CERA. When the surface is perfectly dry, polish it with a clean soft rag until it gets completely dry, with a uniform level of sheen and tacking free. Exclusive of scaffolding, inclusive of flooring, frames and plant protection